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By entering into partnerships with tennis clubs and tennis schools, we hope to make tennis more attractive to active tennis players, club members and visitors. We have divided our partners into:

Club Shops

Below quick links to partners with a unique club shop.

Club shops in alphabetical order:
B.T.C. De Pettelaer
Den BoschShop Now
L.T.C. Aeolus Oledo
RotterdamShop Now
L.T.V. Dosh
RotterdamShop Now
T.C. Capelle
Capelle aan den IJsselShop Now
T.C. Nieuwerkerk
Nieuwerkerk aan den IJsselShop Now
T.V. de Deltse Hout
DelftShop Now
TV Oud-Beijerland
Oud-BeijerlandShop Now
T.V. Victoria
RotterdamShop Now

Are you interested in a collaboration? Read more about our Partner Program.

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