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Babolat Pure Drive Series

The Babolat Pure Drive racket series is designed for players seeking an optimal combination of power and feel. The Babolat Pure Drive originated in 1994 when Pierre Babolat designed a racket that was absolutely innovative for its time. Since then, the Pure Drive has become an icon in the tennis world. The modern variant is represented on the professional tours as well as in recreational circuits.

Racket Family

The Babolat Pure Drive line-up consists of absolute power frames mainly with 100-square-inch head sizes and thick beams ranging from 255 g to the widely used versions of 285 g and 300 g. Including the technologies that are incorporated within Babolat Pure Drive tennis rackets, these characteristics contribute to this racket family being one of the most popular series in the world.

Pure Drive 98

One particular model stands out from the rest, due to its 98-squared-inch head size, a slight increase in weight to 305 g, and its thinner beam. The Babolat Pure Drive 98, as a result, became the more control-oriented version of the well-known racket family. Adding precision to your powerful game.

Pure Drive Line-up

  • Pure Drive
  • Pure Drive Team
  • Pure Drive Lite
  • Pure Drive 110
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Oval-structured frame with optimal resistance and stiffness for phenomenal power.


Advanced frame-string interaction with an open 16x19 string pattern and optimized diamond-shaped tubings for a larger sweetspot and maximum power for all players.


A high torsional stiffness system placed in a new composition at the racket's throat for enhanced stiffness.


Powered by SMAC, an enhanced vibration-dampening system achieved through the use of innovative material within the racket's graphite, resulting in a sensational feel and sound upon ball impact.

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