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Babolat Pure Strike Series

In 2014, the Babolat Pure Strike racket series made its debut in the tennis world, introducing a new generation of rackets developed for control and feel. Today, the Pure Strike is used by many, including professionals like Cameron Norrie and Dominic Thiem.

Racket Family

The latest addition to the Babolat tennis racket series is the Pure Strike family which was introduced by Babolat to be able to fulfill the demand for control-oriented frames. The current generation Babolat Pure Strike tennis rackets offer a variety of models to suit players’ needs at every playing level. The range allows junior players to transition to their first senior racket via the Pure Strike Lite of 265 g and lets recreational players experience control by offering the Pure Strike Team of 285 g, among others. Additionally, heavier versions are available for more experienced players.

Pure Strike 97

The most control-oriented model within the Babolat Pure Strike family is the newly added Pure Strike 97. Which is designed with a 97-squared-inch head size and 21/22/21 mm beam. In addition to its 16x20 string pattern and specifications of 310 g and 31 cm balance point, these characteristics contribute to it being suitable for serious players who are looking for extra precision and control to be incorporated into their already powerful game.

Pure Strike Line-up

  • Pure Strike 97
  • Pure Strike 18x20
  • Pure Strike 16x19
  • Pure Strike 100 16x20
  • Pure Strike 100
  • Pure Strike Team
  • Pure Strike Lite
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Oval-structured frame with optimal resistance and stiffness for phenomenal power. The addition of natural flax fibers provides optimal vibration filtering for a great feel upon ball impact. The glass fibers also generate a muted sound for an even more controlled sensation.


Frame String Interaction Control technology combines a tighter string pattern for more control with the WOOFER system for extended ball-to-string contact, resulting in enhanced feel.


Designed for maximum control, this technology combines the stability of a square frame construction with the power of a standard elliptical structure.


Powered by SMAC, an enhanced vibration-dampening system achieved through the use of innovative material within the racket's graphite, resulting in a sensational feel and sound upon ball impact.

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