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Racket Features

Apart from the key components, weight and balance, additional features will affect the playing characteristics of a tennis racket:

Head Size

A tennis racket with a larger head size provides more power but less precision.

For whom?

A racket with a larger head size is suitable for beginners or slightly advanced players seeking a larger sweet spot.

A tennis racket with a medium-sized head provides more precision but less power.

For whom?

A racket with a medium-sized head is suitable for advanced to highly advanced players who consistently hit the ball cleanly.

String Pattern

A tennis racket with an open string pattern (16x19) delivers more power and spin but slightly less control and string durability, whereas a tennis racket with a dense string pattern (18x20) provides more string durability, control, and precision but slightly less power and spin.

Grip Size

The grip size of a racket is measured on a scale from 0 to 5. Most women feel comfortable with grip size 1 (4 ⅛) or 2 (4 ¼), while men usually lean towards grip sizes 2 (4 ¼) or 3 (4 ⅜). Also read:

How to choose the right grip size?

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