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How to choose the right tennis string?

For many players, choosing a tennis string is even more challenging than selecting a tennis racket. With so many different options, it could become difficult to determine which strings are the right choice for you. However, this choice is crucial. The strings are often referred to as the engine of the racket, as they determine around 50% of the racket's performance and thus could have just as much impact on your game as the racket itself. Finding a string that complements your racket enhances your enjoyment of the game and improves performance.

Whether you are seeking the utmost comfort, the best feel, or maximum spin, we have compiled a string guide for every type of player. The following topics are covered extensively:

  • Type – classification based on the different types of strings.
  • Benefits – comfort, spin, and feel.
  • Gauge – the difference between various gauges.
  • Packaging – sets and reels.

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