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String Type

Just as different weights and tube constructions affect how a tennis racket plays, the same applies to tennis strings. Each type of string will have a particular effect on your shots and overall game. Tennis strings can be divided into the following types:

Natural Gut

Looking for the best feel? Then your answer would 100% be natural gut. The natural gut string provides ultimate comfort and feel, while the string maintains its tension and relieves stress on your arm.

For whom?

Natural Gut is particularly meant for players looking to experience the highest levels of comfort and feel, combined with great tension maintenance.

Natural Gut Strings


Multifilament strings have a complex construction, comprising multiple ultra-thin fibers that make the string extremely elastic. These thin fibers can be of different thicknesses, shapes, and materials, all aimed at contributing to a softer, highly comfortable feel. The string is coated thinly yet robustly to prevent wear and ensure the strings stay in place securely.

For whom?

Multifilament strings are particularly developed for players looking for arm-friendliness, comfort, and power.

Multifilament Strings


Monofilament strings have a simple construction, consisting of a single thread stretched to achieve the desired thickness. By using special polyester materials and their variations, the string can be developed to offer specific properties.

The elasticity of these strings provides excellent spin and control, and the combination of structure and material ensures extra durability. The string comes in various shapes and coatings for maximum spin potential and grip on the ball.

For whom?

Monofilament strings are particularly meant for experienced (higher-level) players looking for maximum spin, control, and great durability.

Monofilament Strings


Synthetic strings are constructed from a single core, wound with one or multiple twisted threads.

For whom?

Synthetic strings are particularly intended for recreational players seeking an all-around playing experience.

Synthetische Strings


Hybrids are created by combining different strings for the mains and crosses. The difference in mains and width is created by material, string gauge, composition, or shape.

In this combination, the main strings primarily dictate the spin potential, control, overall feel, and durability of the entire string bed. Whereas the cross strings are mainly responsible for the comfort level, power, and ball trajectory.

For whom?

Hybrid strings are particularly meant for players looking to combine the benefits of different strings, based on their positioning as either mains or crosses.

Hybrid Strings

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