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What tension should you string your racket at?

The tension is the force with which a string is pulled in the frame and is expressed in kg (or lbs). Just like the choice of string type, it influences your tennis game.

The higher the tension, or more kilos, the less power and more control you have in your strokes. Conversely, the lower the tension, or fewer kilos, the more power and less control.

The following questions will help you determine which tension suits you best:

1. What type of string do you use?

The standard recommended tension varies per type of string, multifilament (nylon or natural gut) or monofilament (polyester).

  • Multifilament string: Average 24-25 kg.
  • Monofilament string: Average 23-24 kg.

2. Do you more power or control?

If you have trouble generating ball speed or getting length into your shots, you can reduce the weight a bit. If you are looking for more control over the speed, you can increase the kilos slightly.

  • Multifilament string – More power: < 24 kg.
  • Multifilament string – More control: > 25 kg.
  • Monofilament string – More power: < 23 kg.
  • Monofilament string – More control: > 24 kg.

3. What level do you play at?

A beginner or slightly advanced tennis player will generally benefit more from medium or lower tension. The player is then helped somewhat in gaining ball speed and length in the strokes. The advanced tennis player will often prefer medium to higher tension for more control over speed, which the player can generate.

  • Multifilament string – Beginner to intermediate: 23-25 kg.
  • Multifilament string – Advanced: 24-26 kg.
  • Monofilament string – Beginner to intermediate: 22-24 kg.
  • Monofilament string – Advanced: 23-25 kg.

Finally, the racket properties influence the tension to be chosen. There is often an average tension recommendation on the inside of the frame. Combine this with the fact that lower kilos (less tension) provide more power, and higher kilos (more tension) provide more control.

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