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Within the three categories, there are various types of tennis balls distinguished from one another.

Performance Tennis Balls

Starting with Performance tennis balls, differentiation is based on the surface they are designed for and the specific characteristics associated with these surfaces. For instance, there are tennis balls specifically developed for clay courts and others tailored for hard courts. Additionally, there is variance in ball quality, affecting their ability to maintain bounce consistency and playing characteristics over time.

Performance Tennis Balls Clay

Performance Tennis Balls Hard Court

Performance Tennis Balls All Court

(Semi-)Pressureless Tennis Balls

In the case of (semi-)pressureless tennis balls, the differences mainly lie in the variety of brands available and the packaging contents. Generally, the preferences between coaches and recreational players opting for (semi-)pressureless tennis balls differ. Coaches often require larger quantities per purchase, hence the availability of buckets and bags containing up to 72 tennis balls, while recreational players typically opt for standard packs of 3 or 4 balls.

(Semi-)Pressureless Tennis Balls

Stage Tennis Balls

Now, onto the Stage tennis balls. These are categorized based on different colors, each associated with specific characteristics such as bounce, size, and speed of the junior tennis balls. The various colored stage tennis balls include green, orange, and red.

Stage Tennis Balls Green

Stage Tennis Balls Orange

Stage Tennis Balls Red

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