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Both replacement grips and overgrips come in multiple variations. In the following section, you will read about the different types of grips within both categories.

Replacement Grips

Within this category, they are distinguished based on comfort, absorption, and feel.

Generally, the thinner the replacement grip, the more feel and connection you will experience with the racket. This category is also referred to as "Feel". Conversely, the thicker the replacement grip, the more comfort and cushioning you will experience. This category is known as "Comfort".

The level of absorption often depends on the surface of the grip. Grips with (micro) perforations tend to perform better in terms of moisture absorption. Replacement grips that offer good absorption can be found within both categories.

Within these categories, grips are further divided based on their secondary attribute: how the grip feels in the hand. If the surface is somewhat stickier, the grip is labeled "Tacky". Conversely, if the surface is drier, the grip is labeled "Dry". Do you already know which specific category of replacement grips you are looking for? Then you can easily find them on our website using the links below:

Feel-Tacky Replacement Grips

Feel-Dry Replacement Grips

Comfort-Tacky Replacement Grips

Comfort-Dry Replacement Grips


Also within overgrips, the primary distinctions are made based on comfort, absorption, and feel. Generally, thinner overgrips provide more feel and connection with the racket, categorized as "Feel". Thicker overgrips offer more comfort and cushioning, known as "Comfort". Within overgrips, there is a specific category for grips excelling in moisture absorption, labeled as "Absorbent".

Just as with the replacement grips, the "Feel" and "Comfort" categories for overgrips are further specified based on their secondary property, how the surface feels in the hand. If the surface is a bit stickier, the grip is labeled as "Tacky". If the surface is drier, it is labeled as "Dry".

Feel-Tacky Overgrips

Feel-Dry Overgrips

Comfort-Tacky Overgrips

Comfort-Dry Overgrips

Absorbent Overgrips

Are you unsure which type of grips will best meet your needs? Then, read on to discover the benefits of the different categories of replacement and overgrips.

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