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Tecnifibre Strings

Tecnifibre first became known for its expertise in strings, especially in multifilament, thanks to a unique technology: the "PU400 Inside".


Control and resistance

Tecnifibre's monofilament collection consists of various (co-)polyester strings, each serving different purposes. Through variations in hardness, shape, and flexibility of the material, Razor Code, Razor Soft, and Black Code perform uniquely in areas of control, power, spin, comfort, and durability. Enjoy maximum control and precision with Razor Code. Experience ultimate precision while maintaining comfort with Razor Soft. Or generate maximum spin with the added grip on the ball provided by the pentagonal Black Code.

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Best playability

Within multifilament strings, comfort takes precedence. However, there are variations among the strings in terms of vibration dampening, elasticity, and durability. In Tecnifibre's collection, Multifeel offers an accessible combination of comfort and power. The next step in quality is found in TGV, which significantly outperforms in comfort, power, and durability. If you're seeking a string that comes closest to natural gut in performance without durability issues, Tecnifibre has the solution for you in the form of X-One Biphase.

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