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Tecnifibre TF-40 Series

Tecnifibre's TF-40 racket series is developed with ultimate precision and control in mind. Thanks to the RS SHARP SECTION and Foam Inside technologies, these tennis rackets provide flexibility, stability, feel, and vibration dampening during play. Keep your power under control with the TF-40, designed for the new generation of high-level tennis players.

Racket Family

With precision and control in mind, the Tecnifibre TF-40 racket family is focused on experienced players with fully developed strokes. That is why the TF-40 models are exclusively available in weights of 305 g and 315 g. Are you looking for that extra bit of power and spin potential? Then the 16M models might be for you. If you need extra precision and string durability, then the 18M models are a better fit.

TF-40 Lineup

  • TF-40 305 16M
  • TF-40 305 18M
  • TF-40 315 16M
  • TF-40 315 18M



The RS SHARP SECTION frame construction by Tecnifibre is designed to be thinner and more square, enhancing the flexibility of the racket. As a result, you experience extra control over your powerful shots during ball impact.


Inside the frames of Tecnifibre's TF-40 rackets, foam is incorporated. This enhances stability, shock absorption, and feel.

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