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Tecnifibre TF-X1 Series

The Tecnifibre TF-X1 racket is designed to enhance the power of your shots while maintaining comfort through the integrated X-Damp technology. This technology dampens the impact of the ball on the racket, reducing frame vibrations by 36%. Typically, power-oriented tennis rackets have a high frame stiffness to generate desired speed, transmitting a lot of vibrations to the player's arm. However, the TF-X1 stands out by dampening these vibrations, offering players a sought-after combination of power and comfort.

Racket Family

With the TF-X1 Tecnifibre aims to provide players of all playing levels and experience levels with a combination of power and comfort. That is why there are several TF-X1 models available, featuring different weights, blade sizes, and balance points.

TF-X1 Lineup

  • TF-X1 300 V2
  • TF-X1 285 V2
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Tecnifibre's X-DAMP technology is designed to dampen vibrations in a power-oriented racket. X-DAMP provides a 36% reduction in vibrations transmitted to your arm upon ball impact. This ensures that even in stiff frames, comfort is maintained.


Tecnifibre's Isoflex technology is associated with the strings within tennis rackets. By employing a softer construction around the longer strings, flexibility is increased, while the material is made stiffer around the shorter strings of the string bed. This ensures that you experience consistent stiffness and forgiveness across the entire racket face.

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