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Yonex EZONE Series

The Yonex EZONE racket series is nicknamed "The Easy One" due to the ease with which power is generated when using these rackets. The design of the frame construction and the integrated technologies create a rigid frame that effortlessly produces powerful shots. Moreover, the comfort of the Yonex EZONE is maintained through the Vibration Dampening Mesh and the iconic Isometric™ racket head. The playing characteristics offered by the EZONE racket series have made it highly popular in both the recreational and professional circuits, with Naomi Osaka, Casper Ruud, and Nick Kyrgios as its primary representatives.

Racket Family

The Yonex EZONE racket family predominantly features models with 100 sq in racket head sizes. In combination with Yonex racket heads' ISOMETRIC™ shape, the EZONE rackets are very forgiving. Moreover, the wider frame constructions contribute to the ease with which players generate power when using rackets from this collection. Junior players can also enjoy the benefits of the Yonex EZONE, with models of 25 and 26 inches.


The Yonex EZONE 98 is a slightly more precision and control-oriented variant within this power family. With a thinner frame, smaller racket head, and a slightly higher weight of 305 g, you experience extra stability and control while executing your technical strokes.

EZONE Lineup

  • EZONE 98
  • EZONE 100
  • EZONE 100L
  • EZONE 100SL
  • EZONE 26 Junior
  • EZONE 25 Junior
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This Yonex proprietary racket head shape enlarges the sweet spot by 7%, making the frames more forgiving and optimizing the feel.

2G-Namd™ Speed

This special patented graphite delivers extra ball speed without compromising the racket's comfort and feel.

Vibration Dampening Mesh

A stretchable mesh wraps around the graphite shaft of the grip to dampen the vibrations from ball impact. This technology contributes to comfort during play.

Liner Tech

These innovative, straight grommets provide the strings with extra room for movement. This increases overall spin potential and forgiveness on off-center shots.

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