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Yonex PERCEPT Series

The Yonex PERCEPT racket series is designed to create a sense of maximum connection between your hand, the racket, and the ball. By optimizing this connection, PERCEPT tennis rackets are capable of providing you with all the confidence, control, and precision needed to intensify the pressure on your opponent with powerful strokes. Discover the various models in the lineup below.

Racket Family

The new Yonex PERCEPT racket family includes multiple models that differentiate based on weight, head size, and frame thickness. With this range, the PERCEPT caters to the preferences of various experienced players, providing everyone with the ultimate mix of control, precision, and feel.


Within the lineup, the PERCEPT 100 is the most accessible model for many players, featuring familiar specifications like a 300 g weight, 100 sq in racket head, 32 cm balance point, and a 16x19 string pattern. Many tennis rackets share these characteristics, but the PERCEPT distinguishes itself with its frame construction, providing you with extra control and precision.


  • PERCEPT 97
  • PERCEPT 100
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This Yonex proprietary racket head shape enlarges the sweet spot by 7%, making the frames more forgiving and optimizing the feel.

2G-Namd™ Flex Force

Explosive power, complete control. HEAD Power Grommets give your shots power without compromising on control. For the perfect balance between ease and precision.

Servo Filter

A transparent, elastic film between the graphite layers ensures an optimal connection of materials. This unique film also further reduces vibrations upon impact. So, the Servo Filter offers multiple benefits.

Flexcon System

The composition of the racket's core includes Flex Force and Flex Fuse graphite materials. These materials enhance precision and control in your shots.

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