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From 23-inch onwards, but mainly for 25-inch en 26-inch rackets, the material of which the racket is composed, starts to play a major role in performance. Junior rackets are available in the following materials:


These junior rackets are available in lengths ranging from 17-inch to 26-inch, and are particularly intended for children who are just starting with tennis.

Aluminium Junior Rackets


These junior rackets are constructed using a combination of aluminum and graphite, catering more to children involved in competitions and matches. This material offers a more stable feel and reduces racket vibration upon ball impact. Composite rackets are available in lengths ranging from 23-inch to 26-inch.

Composite Junior Rackets


From 25-inch and 26-inch racket lengths, junior tennis rackets are also composed of full graphite, a premium material used in higher-end senior rackets. The more competitive junior players seeking the best playing experience will notice several advantages with this series of junior rackets.

Graphite Junior Rackets

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