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Measuring to find the right length

To be 100% sure that your child is using the correct length racket, it can be measured according to this guide. With the following 3 steps, we will help your child find the right racket.

Step 1: The correct grip

Ensure the child holds the grip correctly by placing the hand at the bottom of the grip, against the grip's padding.

Step 1: The correct grip

2. Stand up straight

Make sure the child stands upright with shoulders square and legs together.

Step 2: Stand up straight

3. Hold the racket down towards the ankle

Next, let the racket hang straight down alongside the body. If the racket ends around the knuckle of the ankle, it would be the right length. If it touches the ground, it is too long and a smaller racket is needed. If it remains well above the ankle, you could consider moving up to a larger racket.

Step 3: Hold the racket down towards the ankle

What about the grip size?

Most junior rackets come in one available grip size which is tied to the racket's length.

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