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Stringing Service

Stringing significantly impacts the playing characteristics and your on-court experience. It is essential to string your racket according to the highest quality standards. That is why we prioritize the quality of our stringing service.

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What Do We Offer

"Ready while you wait"

With our “Ready While You Wait” service, we offer the option for you to wait while one of our stringers re-strings your racket. After discussing the string and tension preferences, the racket will be ready within approximately 30 minutes. To ensure availability for this service, make a reservation online. Here, you will find the dates and times that are free to schedule a stringing appointment. While waiting, you can take a look around the Tennis Only store featuring an extensive range of tennis apparel, shoes, and equipment or enjoy watching a tennis match on the large TV screen.

24-Hour Service

We offer a 24-hour service for tennis players who do not wish to wait for their racket(s) to be strung but still require them quickly. In consultation with one of our product experts, the choice of string and the desired tension in kilograms (or lbs) for your racket(s) will be determined for the new stringing. After drop-off, it is (almost always) possible to pick up your racket(s) the following day from an agreed-upon time. Of course, it is also possible to collect them at a later time.


To ensure the highest quality, we invest significant time and effort in training our stringers. This training adheres to the guidelines set by international stringing organisations such as ERSA and GRSA. Additionally, we offer an extensive range of tennis strings and utilize top-quality stringing materials, which significantly impact the quality of the stringing and the durability of the racket.

Tailored Advice

After receiving your feedback and considering our advice, our product experts will collaboratively determine the stringing that best aligns with your personal preferences. To ensure the best playing experience, we also assess the condition of the grip. If the evaluation suggests that a new grip would benefit you, we'll discuss this option with you. Ultimately, the decision regarding both the stringing and the grip is entirely yours, and you can choose how to proceed based on our advice.


We carry an extensive range of tennis strings for every type of tennis player, so whether you are looking for maximum comfort or ultimate spin, there will be an option available. Are you still unsure about which specific properties you are looking for in a new stringing or grip? Please feel free to contact us or visit the Tennis Only store in Rotterdam.


The stringing costs are € 17.99 per racket. The total cost of a new string depends on the string used. The prices of strings depend (to a large extent) on the quality and can therefore vary. Do you go for the highest quality strings with the very best playing characteristics, or are you satisfied with a string that performs average? The choice is yours. On our website under "Equipment > Strings" you will find the exact prices of the strings in our range.

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