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Apart from the different shapes of padel rackets, the materials of which they are constructed, additionally, have a major impact on their playing characteristics. Below, we will discuss the differences in materials:


Fiberglass is a flexible material that provides additional comfort, reducing impact on the arm. It is ideal for players seeking extra comfort and forgiveness. The softer material does make the racket slightly less durable.

Fiberglass Padel Rackets


This composition combines both features, retaining some of the comfort of a fiberglass racket while the carbon provides slightly more power due to the racket's stiffness, transferring force more effectively to the ball.

Carbon/Fiberglass Padel Rackets


Carbon is a material with limited flexibility, making the racket stiffer. This provides more power, allowing you to hit the ball harder. However, the increased stiffness could lead to higher stress on the arm. Carbon rackets do have improved durability.

Carbon Padel Rackets

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