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Voordat je een keuze maakt, is het belangrijk om te begrijpen hoe de vorm van het racket verschillende speelstijlen verbetert. Het belangrijkste verschil heeft betrekking op de grootte en locatie van de sweet spot (optimale raakvlak) en de gewichtsverdeling. Als het gaat om padelrackets, zijn er drie hoofdvormen:


For the benefits that padel rackets with a round shape provide, think about precision and control. What is great about this shape is the larger, more forgiving sweet spot and the lower balance point. Both features provide additional forgiveness and contribute to an easy-to-maneuver racket.

Round Padel Rackets


Diamond-shaped padel rackets are designed for more power. This shape features a smaller sweet spot placed higher on the racket face, allowing players to generate more speed. Additionally, these rackets generally have a higher balance point, which adds more weight to the racket head on full swings. This type of racket is slightly more challenging to handle, due to the smaller sweet spot and increased difficulty in maneuverability.

Diamond-shaped Padel Rackets


This shape offers the best of both worlds, combining the high maneuverability and control of the round shape with the power of the diamond shape. The teardrop shape's average sweet spot and balance point provide an ideal balance in playing characteristics.

Teardrop-shaped Padel Rackets

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