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Playing Style

When combining all the information mentioned above, we can globally categorize padel rackets according to the following playstyles:


The rackets in this category cater to an attacking play style. Their weight tends to be higher, resulting in more power. Players using these rackets typically position themselves near the net, aiming to score points with commanding shots.

Offensive Padel Rackets


Rackets in this category are primarily designed to control the game. Players often aim to direct the game from the backcourt, utilizing lobs or well-placed shots to control the game's pace and enable their partner to initiate the attack.

Defensieve Padel Rackets


This racket group offers an ideal balance in weight and shape, adding to its versatility. Players within this group might still be exploring their play style or are attempting to blend both offensive and defensive strategies during the game.

Allround Padel Rackets

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