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HEAD Boom Series

The HEAD Boom is the latest addition to HEAD's extensive racket collection. With a focus on maximizing feel and power, these explosive Boom rackets provide ultimate confidence and enjoyment in the game.

Racket Family

The Boom racket family consists of multiple models, varying in weight, balance, and frame thickness, suitable for players across different skill levels. This allows both recreational tennis players and more serious players to enjoy the ultimate blend of power, comfort, and feel that HEAD Boom rackets offer. With models like the MP and MP L, the family features two rackets with a 100 sq in racket head. At 295 g and 270 g, these are two popular options suitable for many players. For those seeking extra comfort, HEAD offers the Boom Team L, with a racket head size of 107 sq in and a weight of 260 g.

Boom Pro

The highlighted model for more serious players is the Boom Pro, weighing 310 g and featuring a 98 sq in head, making it a stable, more control-oriented version within the power- and feel-oriented racket family. Experience the confidence this racket will bring to your technical game.

Boom Lineup

  • Boom Pro
  • Boom MP
  • Boom MP L
  • Boom Team L
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Directional Drilling

Consistently hit the sweet spot. Thanks to strategically placed boreholes in the frame, your shots gain targeted precision that elevates your game to the next level.

Power Grommets

Explosive power, complete control. HEAD Power Grommets give your shots power without compromising on control. For the perfect balance between ease and precision.

Morph Beam

The beam construction for stability and agility in one. This combination provides a versatile frame suitable for every playing style.

Uni Pattern

The HEAD Uni Pattern string pattern offers consistent responsiveness with every stroke. This reliability and consistency give you the desired confidence while playing.


This upgraded unique technology utilizes advanced materials for optimal energy transfer, shock absorption, responsiveness, and ball feel. As a result, you benefit from an enhanced playing experience on the tennis court.

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