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HEAD Speed Series

The HEAD Speed collection guarantees speed, maneuverability, power, and spin. Aerodynamic frames, combined with technologies like Auxetic 2.0, Power Grommets, and the Speed Pattern, provide players with powerful, fast strokes, the necessary levels of power, feel, and control to put pressure on their opponents. Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner, among others, are top-tier players representing the HEAD Speed rackets on the tour.

Racket Family

HEAD Speed rackets come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from the relatively challenging Speed PRO with a 100 sq in racket head, 23 mm frame thickness, and 18x20 string pattern at 310g, to the Speed MP L, a more accessible option for many players with its 280g weight and 16x19 string pattern. The HEAD Speed racket family offers a powerful and maneuverable racket for players of different skill levels, combining comfort and stability with power and spin.

Speed PWR

A particular model to highlight within this HEAD racket family is the Speed PWR with its 115 sq in racket head, 26/26/28 mm frame thickness, and 16x19 string pattern at 255g. These features make the Speed PWR an extremely comfortable- and power-oriented racket for recreational players with a shorter swing.

Speed Lineup

  • Speed Pro
  • Speed MP
  • Speed MP L
  • Speed PWR
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Directional Drilling

Consistently hit the sweet spot. Thanks to strategically placed boreholes in the frame, your shots gain targeted precision that elevates your game to the next level.

Power Grommets

Explosive power, complete control. HEAD Power Grommets give your shots power without compromising on control. For the perfect balance between ease and precision.

Speed Beam

An aerodynamic frame structure that offers you a powerful, responsive feel with a combination of stability and agility.

Speed Pattern

With this string pattern specially designed for a balance between power and spin, you have more control over the ball through rotation and a sense of precision.


This upgraded unique technology utilizes advanced materials for optimal energy transfer, shock absorption, responsiveness, and ball feel. As a result, you benefit from an enhanced playing experience on the tennis court.

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