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HEAD Gravity Series

The HEAD Gravity racket series is designed with modern tennis in mind. The revolutionary frame design with a unique sweet spot seamlessly caters to contemporary players with fast, powerful strokes aiming to increase pressure on their opponents. With representatives like Alexander Zverev and Andrey Rublev, Gravity has proven its ability to perform at the highest level.

Racket Family

The HEAD Gravity racket family consists of models with a 100 sq in racket head in the unique Gravity shape. Due to differences in weight, frame thickness, and string pattern, the Gravity MP L, MP, TOUR, and PRO allow players of various levels to experience the desired combination of control and power that this racket family offers.

Gravity PRO

The most challenging model within the family is the HEAD Gravity PRO, which, with its 315 g weight, 20 mm frame, and 18x20 string pattern, provides utmost precision, control, and stability to the serious, modern tennis player with powerful strokes. Competitive string breakers seeking extra durability will also appreciate the Gravity PRO.

Gravity Lineup

  • Gravity PRO
  • Gravity TOUR
  • Gravity MP
  • Gravity MP L
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Sweet Zone

The special blade shape in the Gravity racket series creates an enlarged sweetspot that aligns with modern tennis.

Flex Groove

The deeper grooves in the frame soften the feel for a refined ball impact.

Ellipitical Beam

This technology, along with the associated elliptical shape of the frame, provides extra flexibility and an improved feel upon ball impact.


This unique technology uses advanced materials for optimal energy transfer, shock absorption, responsiveness, and ball feel. As a result, you benefit from an improved playing experience on the tennis court.

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