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HEAD Radical Series

The HEAD Radical, originally designed for Andre Agassi in the '90s, lives up to its name. The modern version of this model, The People’s Racket, is exceptionally versatile in terms of performance. Whether you seek power, control, spin, or feel, the HEAD Radical offers it all. Moreover, the Radical is represented across all levels, with Andy Murray, Taylor Fritz, Sloane Stephens, and Diego Schwartzman being some prominent examples on the professional tours.

Racket Family

HEAD Radical has become an absolute staple in the world of tennis. Furthermore, the racket family has undergone significant development. Consisting of the Radical PRO, MP, TEAM, and TEAM L, this versatile series from HEAD is capable of catering to players of various skill levels. If you, as an advanced player, seek more control and stability, you will prefer the PRO and MP models. The TEAM and TEAM L models with a 102 sq in racket head are more accessible options for beginners or lightly advanced players.

Radical MP

The Radical MP is a model that many will recognize. A few generations ago, this was a highly control-oriented variant with an 18x20 string pattern and a thin frame construction. Nowadays, this version within the racket family has become much more versatile, with specifications such as 300g weight, 20/23/21 frame thickness, 16x19 string pattern, and a 98 sq in racket head.

Radical Lineup

  • Radical PRO
  • Radical MP
  • Radical TEAM
  • Radical TEAM L
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Sound Grommets

These unique grommets optimize string movement. The technology enhances feedback upon ball impact in the form of sound and vibrations.

Control Pattern

The HEAD Control Pattern string pattern offers a predictable feel with every stroke. The pattern enhances control and precision, so you can have the necessary accuracy and confidence while playing.

Variable Beam

This frame construction combines different thicknesses to meet varying demands. The slightly wider sections offer extra stability and power, while the narrower sections enhance the frame's agility and control.


This unique technology uses advanced materials for optimal energy transfer, shock absorption, responsiveness, and ball feel. As a result, you benefit from an improved playing experience on the tennis court.

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