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HEAD Extreme Series

The HEAD Extreme racket series allows you to apply maximum pressure on opponents through spin and power. With the incorporated Auxetic technology and unique features like Spin Grommets, Sound Grommets, Spin Pattern, and Spin Shaft, HEAD's Extreme rackets offer an ultimate blend of ball rotation and speed. Just look at the greatest representative of the HEAD Extreme, Matteo Berrettini, and witness what the rackets from this series can achieve.

Racket Family

HEAD Extreme rackets are generally equipped with spin-oriented, thick frame constructions and average, 100 sq in racket heads. For (lightly) advanced players seeking powerful rackets that contribute to extra spin in their shots, options like the Extreme MP and Extreme MP L are offered at 300g and 285g, respectively.

Extreme Tour

The HEAD Extreme TOUR has been added to the racket family as a more precision- and control-oriented variant of the spin- and power-oriented rackets. This model achieves its goal through the 98 sq in racket head and a weight of 305g, features that both contribute to the extra precision and stability sought by experienced players.

Extreme Lineup

  • Extreme TOUR
  • Extreme MP
  • Extreme MP L
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Sound Grommets

These unique grommets optimize string movement. The technology enhances feedback upon ball impact in the form of sound and vibrations.

Spin Grommets

These specially designed holes in the frame allow the strings room to move, giving you the ability to hit impressive spin shots.

Spin Shaft

The design of the shaft of Extreme rackets increases torsional stiffness. A technology that provides additional precision and spin.

Spin Pattern

This open 16x19 string pattern provides optimal spin generation. This technology allows you to produce powerful, spin-packed shots.


This unique technology uses advanced materials for optimal energy transfer, shock absorption, responsiveness, and ball feel. As a result, you benefit from an improved playing experience on the tennis court.

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