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Luxilon Strings

Luxilon was founded in 1959, in Antwerp, Belgium. In 1991, the first "Big Banger" tennis string was introduced. In 2005, Wilson became the official distributor of Luxilon in the United States. Currently, Luxilon is the leading brand in the world when it comes to tennis strings. Moreover, over 60% of all ATP and WTA professional tennis players use Luxilon strings in their rackets. With their collection of premium (monofilament) tennis strings, along with their own Natural Gut string, the Belgian manufacturer successfully contributes to the highest quality tennis, and more enjoyment on the court.


The Luxilon Element was launched in 2016 as the softest monofilament tennis string within the collection. Due to its multi-mono technology, Luxilon was able to provide a highly comfortable experience to a significant target audience, coupled with the advantages of a monofilament string such as durability, spin potential, and control. As a result, the Luxilon Element quickly became an extremely popular choice for (junior) players seeking the comfort of a multifilament string combined with the durability of a monofilament one. Nowadays, the Element stands as one of the best-selling strings within the Luxilon range.

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Alu Power

The Luxilon Alu Power is the most used tennis string on the professional ATP and WTA tours. This premium monofilament string was introduced in 1994 and marked the very first Grand Slam title won with a Luxilon string in 1997 when Gustavo Kuerten triumphed at Roland Garros. The Luxilon "Big Banger" Alu Power is a string that offers you the power, control, and confidence to increase pressure on your opponent with powerful shots. Nowadays, there are multiple variants of this popular string, so be sure to check the lineup to discover which one would best suit you to elevate your game and enjoy more on the court.

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The Luxilon 4G was introduced in 2013 as the premium-quality monofilament string focused on maximum tension maintenance. This property enhances the string's reliability, allowing you to enjoy the control, power, and spin potential offered by Luxilon's robust multifilament string for a longer duration. Its distinctive golden color makes it easy to spot in the rackets of players like Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alex de Minaur, and Grigor Dimitrov. If you are in search of a durable monofilament string that performs consistently over time, take a look at the lineup of various variants of Luxilon 4G to discover which one suits your game best.

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The Luxilon Original is the very first 'Big Banger' tennis string that hit the market in 1991, addressing the demand for extra durability in a string, particularly arising from gravel court players who wear strings out quickly. This sturdy monofilament string is especially popular among players who frequently break strings and need a string that lasts longer. Players with powerful shots can expect performance in terms of control, spin, and power over a longer period compared to other strings when using the Luxilon Original.

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The Savage was introduced by Luxilon as the string with the highest spin potential within their range. With its hexagonal structure, this string provides extra grip on the ball, allowing you to experience more spin in your shots with the right technique. Players in search of a Luxilon monofilament string with increased spin potential, combining the right amount of control and power with durability due to its 1.27 mm thickness, would find the Luxilon Savage ideal. Available in multiple colors, you can discover which ones by checking the lineup through the link provided.

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Luxilon is heavily invested in sustainability within tennis and environmental conservation. For instance, they utilize solar panels, ensuring that approximately 80% of the factory's energy supply is generated in a fossil-free manner. Additionally, Luxilon maintains a perfect habitat for over 130,000 bees in their own apiary. In the production of tennis strings, Luxilon has also prioritized sustainability by introducing the Luxilon ECO strings. These monofilament strings are crafted from 100% recycled materials. The Luxilon ECO string collection currently includes the ECO Power, ECO Rough, and ECO Spin. Explore the lineup below.

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