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Wilson Blade Series

The Wilson Blade series was introduced in 2008, initially known as the K Blade and featuring an orange color scheme. Over time, this racket series has become a top choice on the professional tour due to its exceptional performance in terms of feel and control. Presently, Wilson offers an impressive lineup of various Blade models to cater to players across all skill levels.

Racket Family

The Wilson Blade racket family is particularly well-known for its thin beams, allowing you to hit huge, whilst maintaining control. It is among the most used tennis racket series in the world, partially due to the wide range of models that are suitable for tennis players of many different playing levels. Whereas the 98 sq in models, with 305 g weights provide competitive players the desired levels of control and feel, the (slightly) lighter, 100 sq in rackets in the line-up provide experienced, and recreational players with a blend of control, feel, and power. Moreover, the Blade family includes junior tennis rackets of 25-inch and 26-inch.

Blade Pro

Within the Blade V9 series, two Pro models are presented with 16x19, and 18x20 string patterns, respectively. Blade Pro rackets are constructed with traditional, thin, boxy beams that provide ultimate feel and control during play. Combined with their weight of 305 g, and 98 sq inch head size, these models are particularly created for competitive players seeking optimal feel and control over the ball.

Blade Lineup

  • Blade 98 V9 18x20
  • Blade 98 V9 16x19
  • Blade 100 V9
  • Blade 100L V9
  • Blade 100UL V9
  • Blade 26 V9 Junior
  • Blade 25 V9 Junior
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This patented technology results in a sense of connection with the ball. The combination of flexibility and stability perfectly suits long, modern strokes.

Parallel Drilling

Consistently hit the sweet spot. Thanks to strategically placed boreholes in the frame, your shots gain targeted precision that elevates your game to a higher level.

Braided Graphite + Basalt

A combination of elastic and responsive materials that contribute to increased racket flexibility, for extended ball contact, better feel, and added control.


The carbon fiber underlayer of the handle is in direct connection with the racket's end cap, enhancing feel and increasing torsional stability.


The latest Blade technology delivers an improved, more solid sensation, enhancing stability and providing a connected-to-the-ball feel. Crafted with dedicated players in mind, the outcome is a "sharper Blade", making it perfect for individuals looking to enhance their performance.

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