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Wilson Burn Series

Just like the Ultra series, the Wilson Burn collection features wider, stiffer frames that contribute to the required power and spin in today's fast-paced, modern tennis. Several models within the collection incorporate "Spin Effect" technology, enabling your shots to generate extra ball rotation. Explore the models available in the lineup.

Racket Family

The Wilson Burn racket family comprises frames with 100 sq in racket heads and wider beam constructions. These models are primarily favored by recreational players seeking power-oriented rackets. Additionally, the 100LS and 100ULS feature a Spin-Effect 18x16 string pattern, allowing players to easily impart extra rotation on the ball.

Burn 100

The model within the Burn family lacking the 18x16 string pattern is the Wilson Burn 100, which adopts the popular specifications of 300g weight, 32.0 cm balance, and a 16x19 string pattern. Consequently, this is the most stable racket within the Burn family.

Burn Lineup

  • Burn 100 V5
  • Burn 100LS V5
  • Burn 100ULS V5
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Parallel Drilling

Consistently hit the sweet spot. Thanks to strategically placed boreholes in the frame, your shots gain targeted precision that elevates your game to a higher level.

High Performance Carbon Fiber

This carbon graphite construction enhances the frame's stiffness for added power.

Spin Effect

This unique 18x16 string pattern manages to impart more rotation on the ball without you needing to adjust your swing.

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