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Wilson Clash Series

The Wilson Clash, a revolutionary racket series launched in 2019, aimed to showcase its qualities to a wide range of players. Since its introduction, this versatile tennis racket has seen a significant surge in popularity. The mission behind Wilson Clash rackets is to combine the most sought-after attributes—power and control—into a single frame. This has resulted in an exceptionally flexible racket that provides the same stability as the most stable rackets available. Due to its various flex directions, both players with classic swings and those with modern swings experience the benefits of the Wilson Clash.

Racket Family

The majority of the Wilson Clash family consists of models with a 100 sq in racket head paired with a relatively open string pattern. This makes the models very accessible for players of various levels. From the Clash 100UL at 265 grams to the Clash 100 Pro at 310 grams, there is something for everyone in this power and control-oriented Wilson racket series. Additionally, the Clash family includes junior rackets of 25 inches and 26 inches.

Clash 98 V2

An exception within the family is the Clash 98 V2, which, with its 98 sq in head size and 16x20 string pattern, is the most control-oriented Clash model. Its 30.6 cm balance point makes it a well-balanced racket for experienced players, offering control while maintaining comfort during play.

Clash Lineup

  • Clash 98 V2
  • Clash 100 Pro V2
  • Clash 100 V2
  • Clash 100L V2
  • Clash 100UL V2
  • Clash 108 V2
  • Clash 26 Junior V2
  • Clash 25 Junior V2
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This patented technology results in a sense of connection with the ball. The combination of flexibility and stability perfectly suits long, modern strokes.

Parallel Drilling

Consistently hit the sweet spot. Thanks to strategically placed boreholes in the frame, your shots gain targeted precision that elevates your game to a higher level.

Vertical Bending

The frame's vertical flexibility contributes to a longer feeling of ball contact with more modern, vertical stroke execution.

Horizontal Bending

The frame's horizontal flexibility contributes to a longer feeling of ball contact with more classic, horizontal stroke execution.

Torsional Bending

The unique carbon construction in the frame provides extra stability for off-center shots, outside the sweet spot.

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