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Wilson Pro Staff Series

The Pro Staff has won the most Grand Slams in tennis history (well, maybe not the racket itself, but the individuals who use it), and it's evident that players value the pinpoint accuracy it provides. What distinguishes the 14th generation is the addition of a new racket to the lineup: the Pro Staff X. Unlike anything Wilson's Pro Staff series has ever seen, the Pro Staff X combines an authentic Pro Staff feel with a more user-friendly frame.

Racket Family

When thinking of Pro Staff 97 or the classic Pro Staff, one may recall features like classic precision, heavier weight and smaller head size. While this is the racket of choice for those who like to hit with pinpoint accuracy and finesse, there is no denying that this frame is difficult to play with. While the smaller head size provides excellent control, it is more difficult to consistently hit the sweet spot and achieve that crisp feel.

Pro Staff X

Meet the Pro Staff X, the latest edition to the iconic Pro Staff franchise, which boasts excellent precision and a more intuitive frame. The 100 square-inch head size has a larger sweet spot. Players may now enjoy the same traditional Pro Staff precision with a revolutionary racket that is more suited to their game. Its larger sweet spot is more forgiving, still having a sharp connection when the ball hits the strings.

Pro Staff Lineup

  • Pro Staff X
  • Pro Staff 97 v14
  • Pro Staff 97L v14
  • Pro Staff 97UL v14
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Paradigm Bending

This carbon fiber construction within the frame provides increased flexibility. This ensures that the Pro Staff V14 series maintains the classic feel and precision, combined with modern power.

Braid 45

The Braid 45 fibers, innovatively positioned within the frame, result in prolonged ball contact, leading to improved stability, control, and precision.

Ergonomic End Cap

This specially shaped cap construction provides extra comfort during play.

String Mapping

An advanced string technology with strings closer together in the center of the racket head for added precision and control. Larger spaces closer to the frame enhance forgiveness on off-center shots.

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