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Wilson Ultra Series

The modern Wilson Ultra series was introduced in 2015 to meet the increasing demand for power-oriented tennis rackets. More players were seeking rackets that easily generated speed. In response, Wilson launched the Ultra rackets. Today, Wilson Ultra rackets feature technologies that make it easy to add power to every shot. Take a look at the various available models to find the one that best suits your preferences.

Racket Family

The Wilson Ultra family consists of power-oriented frames with wide beam constructions and 100 sq in head sizes. Weights like 260 g, 280 g, and 300 g make the 100UL, 100L, and 100 models suitable for players at various skill levels seeking extra power in their technical shots. Additionally, models of 25 inches and 26 inches are available for juniors.

Ultra Pro

Within the Ultra family, two Pro models are presented with 16x19 and 18x20 string patterns, respectively. Ultra Pro rackets, like the Blade Pro rackets, are built with traditional, thin, boxy beam constructions that offer ultimate feel and control during play. Combined with their weight of 305 grams and a racket head of 98 sq inches, these models are specially designed for competitive players seeking optimal control and feel over the ball.

Ultra Lineup

  • Ultra Pro 18x20 V4
  • Ultra Pro 16x19 V4
  • Ultra 100 V4
  • Ultra 100L V4
  • Ultra 100UL V4
  • Ultra 26 Junior V4
  • Ultra 25 Junior V4
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This patented technology results in a sense of connection with the ball. The combination of flexibility and stability perfectly suits long, modern strokes.

Parallel Drilling

Consistently hit the sweet spot. Thanks to strategically placed boreholes in the frame, your shots gain targeted precision that elevates your game to a higher level.

Crush Zone

The innovative grommet construction ensures extended ball contact on the strings. This Crush Zone technology offers additional feel combined with explosive power.

Sweet Spot Channel

Grooves on the inside of the frame that provide more space for the cross strings' grommets. This makes it easier for you to generate power.

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